What's Included in the Course?

*8 beginner friendly project sewing tutorials
*Printer friendly instructions and sewing patterns
*Entire printable material and supply lists
*Full color, step by step photo tutorials
*And more....

Meet Chelsea

The first pair of pajama pants I ever made, I couldn't even wear. I had sewn the two back pieces together and the directional print was upside down. I was frustrated, annoyed and my confidence took a little hit. After a little self imposed time out, I realized that, no, I couldn't wear those pajama pants, but I could learn from my silly sewing mistakes. And that is just what I did.

Over the next several years, I would sew projects and embrace the mistakes. I recognized that those mistakes were learning opportunities, a way to improve my sewing. The more mistakes I made, the more I learned, and the more my confidence in my skills improved.

Today, I take the sewing mistakes I've made and teach others, like you, how to avoid them and even embrace them. I am here to help you find the confidence to sew something new, make mistakes and be proud of your progress.

What You Can Create

This course will include the tutorials and printable patterns for each of these easy handmade projects.

Cactus Ornament
Eye Glasses Case
Gift Card Holder
Easy Scunchie
Office Lanyard
Sleep Mask
Travel Tissue Holder
Reversible Fabric Bucket

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